What our Customers say...


I'm writing this letter to let you know how extremely helpful Jorge Bolorin has been to me. I have been very happy with my experience with all of the people from SERVPRO who have done work at my house but Jorge has gone above and beyond his job!!

On September 2nd the intake valve on the toilet broke and my bathroom and kitchen flooded. SERVPRO first tried to dry things but in the end, the floors had to be removed and there ended up being four floors to remove. The bottom floor was asbestos. I dealt with Jorge on the asbestos abatement. Anytime I had a question Jorge either answered the phone over there to help or he got right back to me if I left a message. Although his part of the job was done I've called him three or four times for help in dealing with the insurance adjuster who would not get back to me when I called or emailed him. He also helped me with the contractor who wasn't getting back to me.  Jorge gave me the name of someone I could call directly at Quincy mutual and I was able to get some help from the insurance company that I wasn't getting from the insurance adjuster.  Jorge has always tried to help me I have called even though he didn't have to do this! He was kind and caring and has been so helpful to me in this stressful situation! I will highly recommend SERVPRO to others mostly because of Jorge!! Sincerely Sandra

With COVID-19 hitting the city hard, many people were rushing to the stores to hoard all the essentials, making it hard for the rest of us to survive. Even if you know the delivery schedules, you risk your life by going into stores filled with people anyways. I run a small business in my home and need to keep it safe, so I called SERVPRO of West Hartford to do a cleaning and ensure my place is safe to be open and operating. Business has slowed down, but I’m thankful to be open at all, thanks to SERVPRO! 

God bless SERVPRO of West Hartford! I am a proud and pious veteran and couldn’t be more grateful for SERVPRO and their excellent cleaning service. Thanks to them, I can now keep myself stocked and in good health in my clean house. Bless you and bless America!

Our small business was disinfected, cleaned, and sanitized right down to the last button on each computers’ keyboard. Thank you SERVPRO of West Hartford!

The nearby COVID case caused quite a scare. The state had to come in and inspect all the local businesses, resulting in many having to close. My sister’s place of work had to close, so she reached out to a neighboring store to ask how they opened back up so fast. It turns out they hired SERVPRO to do a deep cleaning, so my sister had her place of work do this same thing. This saved the business and kept my sister from losing her job. We’ll be recommending SERVPRO to all the other businesses that didn't pass the initial inspections. You're the best, SERVPRO!

The shutdowns that were about to happen because of the pandemic had us worried about our family business. We called SERVPRO of West Hartford to do a deep clean of the place before the state inspectors came around. The place was sparkling when the SERVPRO crew finished, and the inspectors had no issues with our building. We were able to stay in business, and I wanted to give SERVPRO credit for that.

At our company, new workplace procedures were recently put in place for the Coronavirus. We thought it would be a wise idea to do a professional deep cleaning of our entire office to have a blank slate. We needed a reputable company to abide by strict cleaning and sanitation standards for this job. After researching, we decided SERVPRO of West Hartford was our number one option, checking off all the certification requirements. We are beyond thrilled with the thoroughness of the cleaning they serviced us with. Their fast and effective inspection allowed our business to stay open. Thanks SERVPRO!

When it was announced that schools were to open back up, we were thrilled. However, we were unsure about how to keep our facilities safe and clean for students. Luckily, we made the decision to call up SERVPRO, and they were able to come in to clean and sanitize our facilities. We no longer are worried about being able to assure parents that their kids will be safe upon returning, and the place is sparkling, all thanks to SERVPRO of West Hartford.

Our whole family was so shaken by the pandemic, that all three generations decided we should move back in together. We had SERVPRO of West Hartford come in to do a deep cleaning of the house to make sure it was safe, and they were at our house quickly and provided great service. SERVPRO’s amazing team was such a big help, and we are so grateful for their help and kindness.

Finding a commercial cleaning service with the proper licenses and certification needed to get our store up to the right standards for staying open during the COVID crisis was difficult. Thank God we found SERVPRO of West Hartford. Because of them, we passed the state inspections, and our store was allowed to stay open and our employees no longer had to worry about losing their jobs.

We had a few employees that said they were feeling mildly sick soon after COVID-19 started, they decided to self-isolate before we were forced to reduce our staff. We called SERVPRO of West Hartford immediately for their Bio-Hazard cleaning service. They Disinfected every last inch of our store with their team from the stock room to the lobby. We plan to count on them for as long as this continues.

I've never seen my husband cry before this water & mold disaster struck our home. He worked his whole life to finally get our family into our own home and make sure everything was safe, he felt as if he failed... Thank you so much for the speedy recovery and relieving my husband with some helpful homeowners' tips.

I couldn't believe the damage my house endured, it's just too much to even explain. My family was displaced for some time until we found the right solutions, and SERVPRO provided all of them. Thank you so much.

Water water everywhere... The words to my kid's book finally came true when she finally got big enough and filled the tub by herself. Didn't bother shutting it off either. Cute, but not in my eyes. Thank you SERVPRO.

My kid clogged the toilet! Apparently he just kept flushing and having fun until the water started coming down the hall... Thank you, I've learned as big of a lesson as my kid did!

After a few tree branches fell on our roof during a storm this past year we had them removed by our neighbor. What we didn't expect was water damage to gradually come in and damage our walls. SERVPRO of West Hartford took good care of us, both our roof and everything under it was like new again.

When we lost power during a storm I didn't think about anything but really lighting candles up for the time being in the living room. But after smoke started coming down from the stairs I evacuated my family immediately and extinguished the fire myself. SERVPRO and their resources recovered our home before the holidays, we couldn't give you enough thanks.

My son's power strip caught fire after he plugged one too many things in. I was oblivious to everything, in shock, until my husband had SERVPRO come and did their work. It truly was "Like it never even happened."

This company expressed just as much if not more urgency than I did about getting my employees back to work so we can all take care of our families. Thank you so much!

I was in tears seeing how much a small kitchen fire could cause, I couldn't be more grateful. God bless SERVPRO.

SERVPRO saved my company! Thank you so much!

We have a small family restaurant that has been progressively been getting more popular with steady business. After our first grease fire we didn't know how to exactly handle the whole process. One of our customers referred us to SERVPRO. We were back on our feet in no time and better educated on a lot of things as well.

One of our local community outreach program buildings had to shut down after a slight water breach. Our service is critical and downtime is never good, especially in the winter when people need us the most. SERVPRO got us back on track asap! Thank you so much for all the work you do!

Hands down to SERVPRO for the very fast service. The bathroom in our bedroom was flooding due to some drainage issues, and it flooded my first floor, which was very stressing for me, all of my carpet and furniture were soaking wet. I don’t know what I would do without these guys. Very reliable, and professional crews. Great job guys.

During the first freeze of the season an ice dam formed on our roof with the weather going from cold to warm constantly. Water stains began to form on our ceilings and it was unsightly for our customers, after it started to drip we had to close our doors. SERVPRO helped us open our doors again in no time. We give our deepest thanks from our hearts to them.

This company did an awesome job. Very professional and very timely. If I had any questions, they were quick to respond and fix the issue at hand. Would definitely recommend to someone in need.


Definitely easy to work with, water damage and mold became an issue in our house. Every year only after winter one of our ceilings would leak from an ice dam most likely but we didn’t know where to turn. I had heard good things about their company from some of our friends and called. They had the right equipment, smart technicians, and saved our house from a serious mold problem. Thank you!!!

After a bathroom malfunction causing a massive flood I had no idea where to turn! But, after my experience with SERVPRO of West Hartford's team I know exactly who I am going to work with for any future disasters. Thank you.

Our grandmother's birthday recently came up and we came up with the best idea for it. With SERVPRO's help; all of her old wooden furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets, picture frames, and much more had a lot of wear & tear and discoloration. We had all of her belongings renewed. She was ecstatic, so happy to know that these items can continue being used in our family for generations to come.

Before the new year started we wanted a full office clean, floors to ceilings. Looks brand new again! Myself and the team are excited to start the new year now. Thanks.

We had an early pre-Thanksgiving on the weekend before but things went terribly wrong. Our oven caught fire from the build-up of burnt food that never got cleaned this year. We couldn't thank you enough for helping us through this recovery and saving our Thanksgiving in time!

We went a little overboard for halloween, we had one too many electrical decorations in our front yard all powered by one outlet with a power strip in our garage. After it was extinguished we already knew who to call. Thank you so much!

After an office move many of my employees started to notice they were coughing a lot, but only at work. We knew it couldn't be dry air yet with winter a ways away. So SERVPRO came in and did an inspection, found the mold that was growing, and had it taken care of in the matter of a few days. Thank you, you've saved my business but more importantly the health and well-being of my employees!

Our basement had become flooded from our backyard not having any way to drain all the water from the rain and our sprinkler systems were malfunctioning also. Our adult children are actually the ones that called SERVPRO and I'm glad they did. The entire team was a joy to work with and I'm glad they were there in a hurry but handled the situation professionally. 

Our family learned this holiday season that small fires still have the potential to cause big problems. We lit our first fire in the fireplace of our new home, and unfortunately things went south and our home sustained serious smoke damage. Luckily, SERVPRO was able to come quickly to fix the problem, and it was more fast and effective than I anticipated. I will definitely be recommending you guys. Thanks a ton!

Top notch service crew and administration! Very happy with the work they did throughout my disaster! Fire damage is no joke and SERVPRO kept a clear channel of communication with us, our insurance company, and even the local fire department! They truly do go above and beyond, we hope this never happens again but, in any case, that may happen to either us or anyone we know or even hear about we’ll be letting them know whose hands can best take care of them through such times like these and that is SERVPRO of West Hartford!

Thank you for the continuous updates and thank you to the entire team at SERVPRO!

In our 23 years of being homeowners we have never experienced anything even close to this and while it wasn’t a major catastrophe it was a very big deal to us, and we are thankful for the SERVPRO team. We’d never thought a storm could have done anything to our house with all the careful planning we originally did with our property, but one finally broke through and SERVPRO of West Hartford was there for us every single step of the way!

My finished basement had experienced some water damage from a failed water heater. It really was wonderful working with Brianna. She was attentive to my many calls and questions and sympathetic to my situation. She made sure my multiple calls each day were relayed to the appropriate staff member and that I got a call back in a timely manner--usually within the same day.

Steve is the best! Very responsive and goes the extra mile.

"It was such a great pleasure to have SERVPRO of West Hartford restore my home in Hartford, Connecticut. I couldn't have been more surprised on how well they remediated the mold in my attic. Thank you!"

"A tree fell and hit my house in West Hartford, Connecticut. I called SERVPRO of West Hartford and they came out immediately to tarp my roof. They extracted water in my house to prevent any more water damage. Thank you SERVPRO of West Hartford."

"I definitely like the way they are!"

SERVPRO is the greatest company with the most amazing employees. Their speediness to help with my ice dam removal emergency was outstanding. Thank you!

What a great crew. They did a fantastic job. Thank you very much.

We had a sewer backup. The people on the crew who came out were professional and very helpful. I would recommend them to family and friends.